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Individuals with a Sex Offense Charges / Convictions


The Complex Co-occurring Program is specifically designed to serve clients suffering from more severe mental health issues as well as substance use disorders. The program works with clients who are involved with the civil commitment process as well as clients who suffer from what was historically called “Severe Persistent Mental Illness” or “SPMI” which typically requires ongoing treatment and management.

Our multi-disciplinary team including Licensed Psychologists, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors, Licensed Social Workers and Registered Nurses uniquely position us to compassionately and effectively address the needs of this population. The program involves more supervision of our free off-site housing, additional mental health services, additional case management services, smaller group sizes, and longer stays in the residence. In addition, our expanded mental health services allow us to continue to support these clients through individual therapy following treatment while making additional referrals as needed. We provide services and/or referrals for medical needs, medication management, mental health counseling and psychological services, family therapy and education, crisis management, social skills training, and mindfulness curriculum. Finally, empathy, respect, and belief in the individual’s capacity for recovery are fundamental attitudes within our culture.