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Individuals with a Sex Offense Charges / Convictions

What Clients Are Saying

Created by CARF, the uSPEQ survey is offered by Hennepin County to providers with the goal of helping us get better. The survey was given to every client who attended treatment on one day of the year.

Some of the comments offered by our clients

“I have an awesome counselor and the group of women are amazing. I meet w/ a mental health therapist weekly. She is very helpful.”

“The staff here being able to give me their honest opinion and being able to work with me and being understanding.”

“Many services offered on site (clinic, psychiatrist, doctor, social worker, therapist) makes things easy to access.”

“Being able to be open and not judged as well as get the help I need if dealing with any issues. “

“I like the housing they provide and the groceries they help with.”

“The location and hours that for the most part, fit my schedule.”

“The fact that there is so much help for mental health here.”

“The location and staff are very nice and friendly.”

“The staff are good people who really do care.”

“That I am able to receive good sound advice.”

“They have all of the services I need here.”

“They care and they want us to make it.”

“The positive reinforcement.”

“Friendly staff environment.”

“They tell it straight like it is.”