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Opening Hours
Mon - Friday: 7AM - 4PM

Individuals with a Sex Offense Charges / Convictions

Requirements when living in the Step house

  When clients first move into the Step House, they will be scheduled to attend 23 (+) of programming. Schedule will be based off initial assessment and treatment plan.
   As clients continue to attend programming and are meeting expectations of their treatment plan, scheduled hours may begin to gradually reduce as seen appropriate by counselor/supervisor.
   Minimum hours per week that client may be scheduled for is 8 until they are scheduled to move out.

Length of stay

  • Clients will be scheduled to reside in Step House for 8-12 weeks. However, there are exceptions that can be made based on individual needs.
    • If clients obtain sober housing for long term housing prior to the 8-12 weeks they may move out and continue treatment on an OP basis.
    • If clients are not meeting expectations or following the rules, they can be discharged from the house or recommended to transition to IOP housing.
    • If clients are proactively working on long term housing and it is taking longer than the 8-12 weeks, clients can remain in the step house provided they are following rules and meeting expectations.
    • If a client is clinically assessed to continue in treatment longer than the 8-12 weeks, they may remain in the house (counselors will continue to keep tx plan updated).