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Aaron Neumann, MA, Mental Health Float, Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Aaron Neumann is a Mental Health Float Counselor at Park Avenue; He is passionate about helping our clients succeed through the program and afterwards. He chooses to work in this field to continue his education goals, becoming fully licensed as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC). His focus is utilizing an integrative approach of Dialectical Behavior Therapy techniques, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques and psychoeducation while using a Psychodynamic framework to help clients with presenting concerns to be their true selves. Aaron attended the University of Northwestern Minnesota where he achieved his master’s in clinical Mental Health Counseling. Before Completing his master’s Aaron attended Mankato State University obtaining his bachelor’s in psychology with a minor in Sociology. Aaron spends his time outside of work watching sports with his family and friends, gardening, and has been a valuable member of Park Avenue from his time as an Intern to a Mental Health Float Counselor.