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Individuals with a Sex Offense Charges / Convictions

Adia Granberg-Braxton, ADC-T

Adia Granberg is a Culturally Specific Counselor in the Men’s program. Adia attended Minnesota State University, Mankato where she received her bachelor’s degree in Alcohol and Drug Studies. Adia completed her internship at the men’s program at Park Avenue where she gained experience working on both complex and drug court caseloads. Soon after completing her internship, she assumed the role as the culturally specific counselor in the men’s program at Park Avenue Center. Adia was inspired to join the field after recognizing the gap in treatment and quality care for individuals dealing with substance abuse. Adia hopes to eventually return to school to continue her education, while still working as a counselor, providing clients with quality care and support through a client-first approach. In her free time Adia enjoys travelling and spending time outdoors with her dogs.