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Individuals with a Sex Offense Charges / Convictions

Per Greibrok, RN

Per completed his RN degree at Inver Hills Community College. Most recently Per worked at Amy Johnson Residence, a group home for clients with SPMI. Per’s passion is mental health nursing and feels that people suffering from addiction and mental illness are misunderstood by both a large part of the medical profession and society at large. His goal is to continue to pursue his completion of his BS in Nursing with an emphasis in public health, addiction, and mental health services. Per believes in Park Avenues Center’s core values and working with clients for fundamental improvements in their overall health. His greatest strength is his compassion for his clients and willingness to form connections to better aid in their recovery. In his free time Per is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys reading by, or playing in, any nearby body of water. Per has existing bachelor’s degrees in theater and history, and still enjoys the vibrant arts scene in the twin cities.