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Linda Santa Cruz, MS, LMFT

Linda attended California Lutheran University where she obtained her Master of Science in Counseling Psychology.  Linda is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has worked in the field since 2004 with a variety of populations including children, adolescents, couples, and families/foster families.  In 2005, Linda was the recipient of the Ventura County District Attorney Crime Victim’s Appreciation award.  She considers her greatest strengths and skills to be her compassion, support, caring and teamwork.  Prior to joining Park Avenue Center, Linda has most recently served as an Adjunct Practicum Instructor at St. Mary’s University, specialized in trauma work in the Gender Specific Program for Dakota County’s Juvenile Services program, and spent 9 years as a Clinical Supervisor for FACTS.  As an MFT supervisor, Linda’s professional goals are to continue providing supervision to students and licensure candidates, teaching, and to continue developing her expertise in trauma and working with youth.  She was inspired to work in the field because, “It just made sense.  I belong in a healing profession and I hope that things can always get better.”