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Mindy Gruidl, MA, LADC

Mindy earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Metropolitan State University and her Master’s in Counseling Psychology and Addiction Studies from Saint Mary’s University. Prior to being offered a role as a counselor, Mindy worked as an intern with Park Avenue Center and Fairview Recovery Services. Mindy has been working within the chemical dependency and mental health field for 5 years and her previous roles include working as a Psychiatric Associate at the University of MN Medical Center and Wayside Recovery Center as a Recovery Advocate. She also has prior training as a Women’s Advocate with the Alexandra House which specializes in serving women who’ve experienced domestic abuse and sexual assault. Mindy considers her strengths to be humor, being present with others, and empathy. Her skills include providing client-centered care and teaching mindfulness skills. Mindy’s professional goals are to obtain her LPCC, receive training in EMDR, and advocate for the integration of co-occurring disorder treatment. Mindy was inspired to work in this field because it allows her to use her strengths and contribute to the lives of others in a meaningful way. Mindy wanted to work with Park Avenue Center because she is passionate about working with women in gender-specific and trauma-informed settings from underserved and diverse backgrounds.