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Suzannah Boysen, MA, LADC

Suzannah attended Argosy University where she earned her MA in Clinical Psychology.  She completed an internship at Park Avenue Center and worked here as a Complex Co-occurring Counselor before leaving to gain further experience with Beauterre Recovery Institute.   Suzy has returned to Park Avenue in her current role and we are thrilled to have her back!  She has worked in the field in many capacities from CD Tech to Counselor since 2012 and considers her greatest strength to be her unconditional compassion.  She was inspired to work in this field because of her curiosity regarding the human mind and its capacity for healing and transformation. Her career goal is to increase awareness of mental illness and reduce the stigma related to mental illness and addiction.  In her free time she enjoys being with family and nature. She is passionate about soccer and spends much of her time on the sideline of a soccer field.